Single Vineyards Biodynamics Respect

Biodynamically inspired quality.
Biodynamics, ecological responsibility, sustainable farming - topics which aroused unexpectedly vehement discussions among winegrowers during the last few years. Much more than in other agricultural sectors, the focus does not only lie on ecology, and thus the conservation of natural resources and the respectful handling of landscape and soil, but particularly on quality. As many winegrowers are nowadays convinced, only winegrowing in close touch with nature will finally make it possible to further increase character, individuality and bottle a wine which emphasizes its terroir and regional character.

For these reasons a group of vintners joined the society "Respect" in 2007 with the aim to consequently apply the principles of biodynamics in winegrowing. In autumn 2006 the production guidelines were defined in detail. In 2010 (with the harvest of autumn 2009) it is for the first time possible to certify wines by "Respect".

Respect Members

Weingut Paul Achs
Weingut Judith Beck
Weinberghof Fritsch
Weingut Heike und Gernot Heinrich
Weingut Hirsch
Weingut Fred Loimer
Weingut A&H Nittnaus
Weingut Bernhard Ott
Weingut Pittnauer
Weingut Claus Preisinger
Weingut Wenninger Horitschon & Balf
Weingut Wieninger
Weingut Gesellmann & Hans
Weingut Feiler Artinger
Weingut Manincor