Single Vineyards Biodynamics Respect

The great variety of soils in our region results in many different grape varieties. The single vineyards in Gols can be roughly subdivided into three types of soils:

Sites on the Parndorf Plate
Gravel plateau St. Laurent, Pinot Noir and Zweigelt – for example Schafleiten, Goldberg

Slopes at the flank of the Parndorf Plate
Facing south-west, sandy-loamy soils with chalky inclusions, particularly well suited for Blaufränkisch and Merlot – for example Altenberg, Gabarinza

Flat sites close to the lake (Heideboden)
Tectonic depression, Seewinkel gravel, well suited for Zweigelt and white varieties.

The great number of different soils makes the selection of the suited grape varieties essential. The fact that a vine likes its surrounding site is mirrored in its taste.

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