Single Vineyards Biodynamics Respect

The work of a winegrower is based on his or her vines. Optimal nutrient supply and a functioning soil life are the prerequisites of any top-quality grape material. We therefore decided in 2007 to change to biodynamic viticulture with the help of the expert Dr. Andrew Lorand.

Biodynamics is an art of healing which takes advantage of the holistic curativeness of nature. It aims at strengthening the natural resistance of the plant. Pest and disease control are mainly affected in a prophylactic manner.

We encourage the formation of humus, as a basis of healthy soils, by regularly applying cattle manure which we prepare ourselves and by cultivating grass between the rows. Herbal teas (such as stinging nettle, chamomile, field horsetail … ) and biodynamic field sprays such as horn manure and horn silica are used under the consideration of moon rhythms; their purpose being to strengthen resistance and further the physiological ripeness of grapes.

It is our foremost aim to produce authentic wines with an individual aroma profile while at the same time maintaining healthy soil and vines. Part of this is also the absence of yeasts.